Home Staging Project reviews

Realtor : Michelle Braet 

Realty Austin    |   South Austin  , TX  

Minol is a wonderful stager. 

I have utilized her services for my last 8 listings with great results. 

She will go the home and do a consultation and leave no questions unanswered. She tells the homeowner exactly where to put everything and what paint colors to use if needed. 

She starts with the outside of the front of the house and goes through every single room and closet offering input on home accents, furniture configuration, and organization until she gets to the back yard.

Minol also offers full-service staging for vacant homes as well as hourly services for homeowners who need her help with setting things up. 

Her advice is priceless when getting ready to put a home on the market. 

Realtor :  Clark Gary

Pure Gold Realtor |  Austin, TX 

Many thanks to Minol Shamreen from Studio M Designs for staging my listing at 906 Plateau Circle, and keeping it within my clients' budget ! Great job.  It went under contract in 11 days after receiving multiple offers. 


Home Staging Client : Ash Ramakrishna

North Austin , TX 

Minol Shamreen helped with the staging of our house, when we were getting ready to sell our house. 

She was very professional and gave suggestions that were very practical and yet did not affect the functioning of our household. 

She has a keen eye and can make small changes that bring about a big effect. A very talented designer indeed. 

Highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in decluttering, organizing their homes or staging.

Realtor / Broker :  Eric Peterson

Kopa Real Estate   |   Avery Ranch ,  TX

Thank you for all your staging help for our Avery Ranch listing. The advice you gave our client about de-cluttering her home, arranging furniture and choosing paint colors was so good that after the home was staged we decided to list the home for more money than we had previously suggested. 

We have worked with other stagers in the past. It has been difficult for us to find someone like you who treats staging like a professional business. 

When we are hiring a stager to help our clients we need to know we can rely on the stager to keep the deadline & provide recommendations in a timely manner so the home can hit the market at exactly the right time. 

I appreciated your professionalism and know that we can rely on you to do a great job for our next clients. 

We look forward to you helping us get our next listing sold! 

Home Staging Client :  Lisa Cole

Austin , TX  

Minol came for a staging consultation to help decide which items we should leave in the home to use for staging the home as we prepared to list our home for sale.  

As she walked through our home, she was able to identify items and offer suggestions on placements, color choices, art work that would enhance and accents to draw the eye to specific features we wanted to highlight. 

It was great getting these tips because I have a very distinct personal style but the goal was to sell our home, not to exhibit my style choices and collectibles.  

Because I needed to be in our new location before the photographer would arrive and I knew how important great photos were to getting interested buyers to the home, I also arranged her finishing touch services on the day of the photos.  

I could not have been more pleased with the finished product, her suggestions clearly show pops of color in the photos without being overpowering, drawing your eye to a specific feature, highlighting the spaciousness of our home, in a way that would allow potential buyers to imagine their furniture in the space.  

I am certain that the time our home was on the market was reduced tremendously by having Minol's professional services in staging and photography preparation.  

Plus I picked up some great tips for decorating our new home.....

 Home Staging Client  :  Randy & Linda  B 

Austin , Texas 

Minol, we appreciate what you did for us yesterday with the staging services. 

Thank you very much for the home staging consultation service you provided !  

The Staging Report you prepared for us will make it very easy to stage the house, as we can simply use it now as a checklist and check off each item you suggested we do, as we go from room to room to stage them.  


Realtor  :  Eric Peterson

Kopa Real Estate  |  Austin , TX

The advice you gave our client about de-cluttering her home , arranging furniture and choosing paint colors was so good that after the home was staged ... we decided to list the home for more money than we had previously suggested . Home under contract within 2 days of the open house !


Realtor : Hayat Shaban 

Hayat Realty  |  Austin, TX

I enjoyed working with Minol.  She is a very talented home stager, and knows her stuff very well. 

As a realtor it is important to have a good stager set the house for successful offers. 

You will not go wrong with Minol Shamreen.  I look forward to working with her on my next listing ! 

Realtor  :  Tammy DeWitt Le

Horizon Realty  |   Wells Branch Real Estate 

I have high expectations for everyone I hire to assist me in marketing and selling homes. 

Minol recently helped me in staging a home for sale and did not disappoint. 

She did a premarket walkthrough with my client giving her very specific instructions on what to buy and where to put it.

After Minol's visit the house was completely transformed into an elegantly staged property that showed extremely well in pictures and in person. 

All the colors and design elements she recommended looked great.

The house sold in 2 days at a record high price!

I highly recommend Minol and am happy to have her as my staging partner.


Home Staging Client  :  Anuya Reddy

San Jose , California 

Minol has great insight on staging house interiors. She gave me great tips & ideas on staging the dining room and also provided guidance on color and lighting choices for the living room. 

She has good knowledge of the latest styles. She also suggested minor improvements that were easy to make and inexpensive. 

It gave additional elegance to the rooms and were the key selling points at the time of sale.

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