Interior Design & Styling Project reviews

Design & Color Consultation Client : Mano Gupta  Cedar Park ,  TX 

As new home owners we wanted to get professional help for our interior design and we hired Minol to advice us on the selection of accent wall color selection and shades selection for our rooms. 

She gave us thoughtful and practical advice on the shade selection. She also gave us good insight on the decor theme for the house. 

She was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable and we will not hesitate to recommend her services.

Styling & Staging Client : Robyn Scags

Austin , TX

Minol exceeded our expectations 100 times over. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She taught me an amazing amount of staging & styling information in the short time she was at my home. 

I had no idea how off track we were !

Virtual Design Consultation : Najwa Riyaz  

Bangalore |  India

Minol has provided great design consultation for our new home.The best part about her design consultation was that it was virtual - and yet so complete! 

The reason is that she is so good is that she patiently tries to understand what our ideas,dreams,taste is - and then shares with us her super experienced suggestions regarding it. During the consultation , she was always connected, and available to answer our questions. 

She was able to say so much from just seeing the floor plans - she noticed stuff that we never noticed, that we would need to inform the builder to alter in the design, else it would cause issues.  

Basically - she designed as per what we want, and got the ideas polished with her expertise! Her blog - I must say is truly exciting to read. I have been a frequent visitor to her blog since the time I got to know about it.

She is highly experienced, and still puts her ideas in simple ways, for all of us to understand. 

I wait for her FB Posts everyday - be it her new ideas she got, or to read about some new design she got inspired by.  

Thanks Minol - for helping us design our new home! 

We truly had a pleasant experience!

Interior Design Client  :  Swarna Umesh 

Appeningz Events , San Jose CA

I've always wanted to redo my family room and never knew how to go about it.  I didn't want to make mistakes buying the wrong furniture or using the wrong colors and regretting it later.  Minol  helped us pick out a color scheme  and offered a lot of advice on how to make the most out of our space. 

She was very personable and professional, and also very conscious of our time. She  had great ideas and really knew how to spruce up my living space , and she's also very flexible and can adapt to your style. 

I felt super comfortable talking with Minol about my needs and ideas, she took everything into consideration to put something together just for my taste and budget. 

I would highly recommend Studio M Designs, they definitely will not give you a "cookie cutter" service or result.

Styling & Interior Design Client :  Annie Jones 

Rock Candy Media  ,  Austin TX

1. No babysitting required. Minol really listens.

2. Had her stage & style my office, an advertising agency called Rock Candy Media, and was so impressed with her common sense -- she understands you hire her because you don't have time to do it yourself!

3. She got handymen  I could never on my own--Truly she won't spend your money erroneously.

4. Hired her to handle my shoe situation at home too and she changed my life !

Interior Design Client  :  Balaji SS 

Spicewood,  Austin TX

We used Minol's service to look at options for our flooring. Minol clearly understood our needs and her guidance was clear. She also helped us with paint selection for our home. She is knowledgeable in interior design and is very easy to work with. And while she was at our home for consultation, I also took the liberty to ask questions on my current furniture placement - Minol readily jumped in to help without any hesitation. Thanks Minol for your help !      

Interior Design Client  :  Rashmi Jain 

San Jose , California  

​Minol applies her uniqueness, simplicity & elegance in her designs . I always look forward to getting ideas from her whenever we plan to add or modify our home design and decor. 

She always makes herself available and comes with great inexpensive and colorful ideas. I have always loved her choice of colors - they blend perfectly with my  personality and ambiance. 

She has helped me decorate our guest room and also gave me great ideas to organize papers (mails, magazines, bills, receipts,coupons, etc) making my life easier. 

Minol is excellent with decorating kids room and organizing kids stuff. Whenever, I see the kid's room she has designed , I always feel "wow". Not only is the room beautiful but it is very functional to encourage the kid to be independent. 

I am lucky to have her as my friend too. 

Studio M is the perfect platform for Minol to share her talent and expertise. 

Interior Design Client : Faraha Kukkady

Los Angeles , California 

Decorating your own house is very exciting especially when you're doing it for the first time. But it can also get very confusing . With so many ideas in your head , so many options in the market and the many limitations that your apartment comes with, I was a wreck! 

This balancing act was not for me and that's where Minol's presence was a huge relief to me. Not only did she handle the stressful part of the process, but also made the whole process fun fun fun! 

She was just as excited about decorating my place as she would with her own place. She had great ideas, great suggestions, good practical sense to turn our ideas into reality and best of all... loved shopping !! 

What I liked most was that she never let her own ideas override mine. She was open, flexible and always maintained the theme I wanted making sure that I was comfortable with the choices we made. 

I totally loved having her around, she was a great moral support! For a indecisive person like me, moral support and patience goes a long way and Minol was able to give both. 

Now if only I could find a life partner like her!

Interior Design Client : Susan V Nathanson

Cedar Park , Austin TX

Minol is awesome to work with! 

She helped me to find a new decor style that was updated, cohesive, comfortable, and satisfied my 25 year old daughter, as well as me. 

I had some quirky needs for functional spaces. She truly listened and integrated them beautifully. 

I learned to trust her instincts; trying some fabrics and furniture that I ended up loving! 

Her contractor did an excellent job. 

Minol followed thru to the very end, at a very reasonable and great price. 

I actually miss her now, but am so grateful for the "home" we created.

Fabric & Decor Consult : Miriam V Kerslake

Leander  , Austin TX

Very happy after taking the time to go through the whole new house for curtains & decorating consultation! 

Minol definitely cleared my doubts and offered me great options that is going to look nice in my new house bringing everything together.

Great service,  great attention to details, very pleased !!!!

Interior Design Client :  Madhavi Nade

Avery Ranch ,  Austin TX  

Minol your perspective to design is very clean and fresh. I am glad I called you before making any major changes. 

Be those the big ideas for remodel or ideas to use space efficiently or small pass by tips around the house, just small steps to make big impact, your suggestions were implementable and effective. 

I am amazed by your availability to support for quick questions even after your visit and your effort to put the Pinterest board that gave me exact idea of what to choose from. 

If one is going to spend thousands of dollars in getting changes done, I highly recommend to spent very reasonable amount with you to confirm the approach and get a fresh perspective. 

Your ideas were by far different than the other designer contractors who walked in and proposed ever so typical solutions for changes. 

I am really glad I called !

Interior Design Client  :  Umar & Zubaida

Bangalore , India 

In December  our new house in Bangalore (India) was build complete and  ready for  all the furnishings. 

Minol was vacationing in India just at that time. Being that she was on vacation we were rather apprehensive about asking her to be our styling  consultant. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity we decided to go ahead and ask her anyways. She readily agreed. 

From then on it was 2 weeks of non-stop fun. She had so many great ideas that we were completely floored. She not only helped  with creatively styling every corner of the house but the biggest help lay in the fact that she went shopping with us --  selecting furniture, carpets, curtains, light fixtures and  knick-knacks of all kinds. 

She made a special effort to listen and cater to our style first,  then added her own  expert touches creating an end state  look  that was a perfect compliment to the architecture of our home and a standout  style statement  that  far exceeded our expectations.

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